Take Time In



I work as a Holistic Life Coach and see clients of all ages for short or longer term therapy, integrating a combination of models at my private practice based in Noordhoek, Cape Town. I also see clients online via Zoom.

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.”

– Rumi


We are all born with wounds, some bigger than others.

However, there is always a way back to wholeness or at least a more peaceful way of being.

My desire to help people was driven by my own quest to heal my wounds and find more inner peace and contentment.

Since entering the world of therapy, both as a client and a Holistic Life Coach, I am able to identify and pinpoint the source of clients’ issues in an intuitive and empathic way.

‘Being there, doing that’ is very much at the core of my work.

It is important to establish a confidential and supportive therapeutic relationship and facilitate your journey of self-discovery and self-change.

In such a holding setting, you can safely access your primary areas of pain (usually early relationships with family members or early childhood traumas), and begin a healing process that is unique to you.

Many clients find EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) a useful process to explore an emotionally charged issue. This powerful tool can heal any big or little trauma, any addiction disorder, or any physical manifestation of pain.

If appropriate, I may also suggest working with meditation and mindfulness techniques. These tools are easy to follow and very effective in calming the nervous system and seeing ‘the bigger picture.’

Although I offer therapy from a spiritual – not religious – perspective, I work in an integrative manner which is client-centred and includes various approaches. Saying that, sometimes, it is simply enough to just chat, have the space for reflection, and be ‘seen.’

Any session can therefore range considerably; from a grounded level of talking and reflecting, through to processing deep pain and connecting to the divine source, which is within us all.

Reflective Space

Hourly sessions where you can talk through any aspects of your life that need reflection and processing.

Trauma Counselling (EMDR)

Working through and clearing negative thought patterns and past traumas (major or minor).


Time and space to reconnect with your ‘inner-home’ and be guided back to your own inner healer.